The Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE) is a public benefit
organisation and a knowledge centre of the Hungarian textile, garment and textile care industry.
TMTE represents the industry nationally and internationally, initiates and supports R&D&I
activities, provides a none-stop source for information and defends the common interests of the
industry and members. As accredited institution TMTE provides vocational training and special
further training programmes also for professional textile care and finishing industry.

In the last years more than 100 people took part in the EDUTEX vocational adult training
program for textile care (listed in Hungarian National Register, OKJ) and gained an EUROPASS
certification for „Worker for chemical cleaning, dyeing and laundry” (2007-2014), from 2015 as
„Textile cleaner and dyer”. The training and certification for “Fabric dyer and cleaner technician”
is offered with the contribution of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

TMTE also offers shorter further training programs for professional industrial laundries and dry
cleaners. The training contents information about the novel high-tech and smart fibre and about
care instructions for fabrics made from these new materials. The training gives an overview
about the modern chemicals, detergents and auxiliaries, moreover the machines and automatic
technologies. Important parts of the training are the environmental issues, the water treatment
and energy management, and the knowledge about prevention, how to protect the quality of
the textiles during the textile care process.

TMTE organizes special training programs for manufacturing companies related to the quality of
services. The program gives useful advises to avoid claims and introduces also the process of
the amicable settlement of disputes. The training about characteristics of textiles and textile
care is provided also for the HORECA sector, mostly in form of consultation. The program about
basic chemical knowledge for textile cleaning is offered on-demand and training courses are
outsourced in company facilities.

The Hungarian textile periodical Magyar Textiltechnika is published four times a year online and
is edited by TMTE. In the periodical are regularly published information about national and
international events and conferences for textile care, including the summary or full paper of the
conference speakers. Also articles are published to highlights the news of the textile care
industry and the changes of the official regulation for the textile care and lease services.

TMTE cooperates with the professional associations
from Europe, and regularly participates in national and
European projects (eg. INNOTEX, eBiz, TEXPLAT, SET).